2014 Season

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Lake Lehman                               Scrimmage

   Shikellamy                                  Varsity Part 1

  Shikellamy 2                               Varsity Part

Shikellamy JV                           JV Part 1   

           Mifflinburg                                Varsity                    

Mifflinburg JV                          JV Part 1   

Danville                                   Varsity Part 1

Danville                                   Varsity Part2

    Danville JV                              JV                      

                  Berwick                                   Varsity  Part 1                 

                                 BERWICK 2                     Court in field,Nora reverseshot                                      

  Berwick JV                                          JV          

Line Mountain   1   The goal that didnt count   

Line Mountain 2                     The winning goal

Senior Night                         Pregame pics         

Senior Night -Shik                1st Half        

Twin Valley                        1st Half        

Twin Valley                      2nd Half   OT

Line Mountain Districts           1st Half    

Line Mountain Districts         2nd Half      

Line Mountain Districts     OT Celebration

Lew-Pink Game              TANA Strong

Lew-JV                              Pink Game

Bloom Part 1       District Finals-1st Half

Bloom Part 1a             Districts-1st Half

Bloom Part2               Districts-2nd Half

Bloom Part 2a    Districts-2nd half  goals

District Champs                    Medals    

Crestwood                    State Quarters

Crestwood                          Part 1   

Crestwood                         Part 1a  

Crestwood                         Part2     

Crestwood                         Part2a