Through the Years

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Post Season Play

1966 Lost 3-2 to Southern Area Division Champs
1967 Beat Line Mountain 1-0 Division and League Champs
1968 Lost 4-1 Line Mountain Division Champs
1969 Lost 1-0 Line Mountain Divison Champs
1971 SVL Champ (Changed to Susquehanna Valley League)
1972 SVL Champ
1973 Beat Mifflinburg 2-0
1974 SVL Champ,Lost 1-0 Bloomsburg - District Play
1975 Lost 0-0 Ten second time adv. Southern Area
1976 SVL Champ, District Champ Beat Southern Area 1-0, Lost 4-0 Manheim Central - State Playoffs
1978 SVL Champ, Lost 2-1 Southern Area - District Play
1979 SVL Champ, Lost 2-0 Berwick - District Play
1980 SVL Champ, Beat Bloomsburg 2-0 District Champ, Lost 2-0 West Chester East - State Playoffs
1982 District Champ, Lost 2-1 Abington Heights - State Playoffs
1984 - 1st year for C.Keiser District Champ - Beat Berwick 2-1, Lost 3-0 Crestwood - State Playoffs
1985 District/Regional Champs - Beat Abington Heights 3-2.  Beat State College 2-1 but lost 3-1 to Mathacton in the State Quarter-Finals
1986 SVL Champ, Beat Lewisburg (Stroke Off) to advance, District Champ - Beat Benton 1-0, Beat North West 2-1 to advance, Lost 5-2 Daniel Boone- State Quarter Finals
1987 2nd Place SVL- Lost 1st Round Districts
1989 District 4 & 6 Champs (Due to no AAA teams), District 6 Championship- Beat State College 2-1,, Beat North Allegheny to advance 3-0, Lost West Chester East in Quarter Finals 0-2 (West Chester East finished 2nd in state)
1990 2nd League, District 4 Champs (AAA), Beat Carlisle 1st Round of States 4-3, Lost West Chester East in Quarter Finals 0-4
1991 League Champs, District 4 AAA Champs- Beat Mifflinburg 3-2, Lost 1st Round States to Boyertown 0-1
1992         2nd League, District 4 AAA Champs-Bye 1st round- Miff, Milton, Us- Beat Milton 1-0 in 7 v 7, 1st round of states beat Northampton 2-0, Lost in Quarter Finals to Unionville (2nd in state) 1-4
1993 League Champs, District 4 AAA Champs- Beat Milton 3-1, Beat Pleasant Valley 3-2 in 1st Round States, Lost to Council Rock 1-2 in Quarterfinals States (Great game; we dominated. Council Rock 2nd in State)
1994 League Champs, District 4 AAA Champs- Beat Mifflinburg 2-0, Change in State Tourn. had to play in District II Playoff Tourn. in order to go to State Tourn. Lost 0-1 to Tunkhannock
1995 League Champs, Middleburg Tournament Champs, District 4 AAA Champs, Beat Coughlin in District II Tournament- advanced to States, Beat State College- 1st Round States, Lost to Boyertown in State Quarter Finals 0-2
1996* League Champs *changed to AA, Middleburg Tournament Champs, District 4 AA Champs- Beat Line Mountain in 2-OT, Lost to Wyoming Seminary in 1st Round States 0-2, 9/21/96- Coach Keiser's 200th Career Win- Greenwood 5-1
1997 2nd League (Line Mountain 1st) AA, 2nd Middleburg Tournament (Middleburg 1st), Lost 1st Round of Districts to Benton 2-3 OT
1998 2nd League- Tie with Mifflinburg- lost playoff game- AA, 2nd District- lost to Line Mt., Middleburg Tournament Champs, Lost to Lake Lehman in Quarter Finals States
1999 League Champs (14-0) AA, Middleburg Tournament Champs, Lost to Benton in Semi Finals of Districts
2000 3rd in League (9-3-2), Lost 1st Round of Districts
2001 Middleburg Tournament Champs (2-1 vs. Middleburg), 2nd League 11-3, Lost in District Semi Finals to Middleburg 1-2
2002 League Champs (13-0-1) AA, 2nd in District (Lost to Middleburg), Lost 1st Round of States to Lancaster- Lancaster Mennonite lost in the State Finals
2003 League Champs (12-1-1) AA, District 4 Champions (beat Lewisburg 1-0), Lost in Quarter Finals of States to Oley Valley (Oley Valley 2nd in State)- Lost in OT
2004 2nd League, 2nd Districts (lost to Lewisburg 1-2 OT), Lost to Oley Valley 0-1 1st Round States, Midd-West Tourn. Champs

Co-Champs w/ Miff, District IV Champions (beat Lewis. 3-0),  Beat Wyomissing 1st round of States 4-0,  Lost to “State Champion” Palmyra 1-2 in OT

2006 League and District IV Champions, Midd-West Tourn. Champions, Turf Fest Champions, Beat Lancaster Mennonite 1st Round of States, Beat Conrad Weiser in Quarterfinals, Made School History with First Trip to the Final Four, Lost to "State Champions" Wyoming Seminary 1-3
2007 League and District IV Champions, Midd-West Tourn. Champions, Turf Fest Champions, Beat Bermudian Springs 1st Round of States,  Lost to Palmyra 0-1 in Quarterfinals. BEAT THE STATE CHAMPS 3 TIMES THIS SEASON
2008 1st ever HAC D1 Conference Champions,District 4 Champions,Turf Fest Champions,Beat Lehighton 1st round of States, Lost to Christopher Dock 0-1
2009  1st ever STATE FINAL game – Silver Medalist, lost to Lehighton 0-1 in OT -, beat Donegal in Semi-final 2-1 OT, beat Archbishop Carroll in quarterfinals 2-1 OT, beat Southern Lehigh 3-0 in 1st round of States. HAC D1 Champions, District IV Champions & Turf Fest Champs.
2010 HAC D1 Champions, District 4 Champions, Beat Fleetwood 1st round of States, Lost to Lehighton in quarter-finals  0-3
2011 4th HAC D1 Championship(47-0-1 all time in HAC D1),7th consecutive District 4 Championship,Turf Fest Champions with a stroke win over Crestwood. Beat Susquenita 1st round of States, Beat Fleetwood 2nd round of States, Lost to Villa Maria in semi-finals. Beat State Champion Wyoming Seminary this season.
2012 2nd HAC D1,8th consecutive District 4 Championship from the 5th seed. Beat Upper Perkiomen 3-2 1st round of States,Lost 0-1 to State Champion Crestwood in Quarterfinals
2013 1st place in HAC D1 (12-0)(69-1-2 all time in HAC D1)
District IV Champions
Lost to (STATE CHAMPION) Wyoming Seminary 1-2 OT in 1st round of States
Beat State Champion Wyoming Seminary earlier this season
2014 1st place in HAC D1(9-0-1)(78-1-3 all time HAC record)
District IV Champions-10th in a row
Beat Twin Valley 3-2 OT in 1st round of states
Lost 2-3 to Crestwood in Quarterfinals
2015 Co-Champions HAC D1(9-1)(87-2-3 HAC record)
District IV Champions-11th in a row
Lost to Greenwood 0-2 in 1st round of states
2016 1st place in HAC D1 (10-0)(97-2-3 all time in HAC D1)
District IV Champions-12 in a row
   Beat Southern 7-0    Beat Manheim Central 1-0 in 1st round of states   Lost to Villa Maria in State Quarterfinals
2017 1st place in HAC D1 (10-0)(107-2-3 all time in HAC D1)
District IV Champions-13 in a row
 Beat Southern 3-0  Beat East Pennsboro 4-0 in 1st round of states   Lost to Wyoming Valley West in State Quarterfinals    Beat A State Champion Greenwood earlier in season
2018 1st Place in HAC D1 (8-0)(115-2-3 ) District IV Champions-14 in a row   Beat Southern 4-1    Beat East Pennsboro 2 -0 in 1st round of states   Lost to Twin Valley in State Quarterfinals
2019 1st Placein HAC D1 (8-0)(123-2-3) District IV Champions-15 in a row   Beat Shikellamy 6-1    Beat Donegal 7-1 in 1st round of States.  Lost to Twin Valley in State Quarterfinals. Beat AA State Champion Wyoming Valley West to start the season


 Coaching Records 

Seasons Coach Wins Losses Ties Percentages
2 Murphy 4 8 33%
1 Lundy 6 2 75%
9 Inman/Shuman 68 7 14 76%
8 Prince 92 25 9 73%
34 Leitzel/Keiser 619 109 29 82%

200th win on 9/21/96
300th win on 9/10/02
400th win on 9/6/07 
500th win on 10/19/11
600th win on 9/7/17

2 Erb 33 7 2 79%



Yearly Records


Season Win Losses Ties Division Coach Assistant(s)
1964 1 5 0   Murphy
1965 3 3 0   Murphy
1966 6 2 0   Lundy
1967 9 0 0   Inman
1968 6 1 1   Shuman
1969 7 1 1   Shuman
1970 3 1 3   Shuman
1971 8 1 0   Shuman
1972 7 1 1   Shuman
1973 7 0 2   Shuman
1974 12 1 2   Shuman
1975 9 1 4   Shuman
1976 12 1 3   Prince
1977 8 5 1   Prince
1978 14 3 0   Prince
1979 15 1 0   Prince
1980 15 3 0   Prince
1981 9 7 0   Prince
1982 9 3 4   Prince
1983 10 3 1   Prince
1984 11 4 1 AAA Leitzel Ellen Miller
1985 16 4 1 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1986 20 1 1 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1987 14 4 0 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1988 10 7 2 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1989 15 6 2 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1990 15 6 1 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller
1991 15 2 3 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller, Sue Cook
1992 18 3 2 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller,Tanna Charles
1993 19 3 1 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller, Sue Cook/Strickler
1994 17 3 0 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller, Sue Strickler
1995 21 1 0 AAA Keiser Ellen Miller (Last Year), Sue Strickler
1996 23 1 0 AA Keiser Sue Strickler, Dani Stauffer
1997 13 4 3 AA Keiser Sue Strickler, Cheri Schreffler/Long
1998 20 5 1 AA Keiser Sue Strickler, Cheri Schreffler/Long
1999 20 1 0 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Missy Bingaman
2000 11 7 2 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Missy Bingaman
2001 17 5 0 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Missy Bingaman
2002 18 4 1 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2003 19 4 1 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2004 19 3 1 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2005 22 3 0 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2006 25 1 0 AA Keiser Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2007 24 1 AA Keiser  Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2008 21 1 1 AA Keiser  Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2009 23 2 0 AA Keiser  Roz Camp, Cheri Long
2010 19 3 1 AA Keiser Roz Camp-Erb,Cheri Long
2011 21 2 1 AA Keiser Roz Erb, Allison Fordyce
2012 16 5 2 AA Keiser Roz Erb,Missy Bingaman
2013 20 2 0 AA Keiser Roz Erb,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince
2014 19 3 1 AA Keiser Roz Erb,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince
2015 18 4 0 AA Keiser Roz Erb,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince,Taylor Musser
2016 20 2 0 AA Keiser Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince,Taylor Musser,Laurie Burns
2017 20 2 0 AA Keiser Roz Erb,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince,Laurie Burns
2018 16 3 2 AA Erb Kara Rothermel,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince,Laurie Burns
2019 17 4 0 AA Erb Kara Rothermel,Missy Bingaman,Donna Prince, Amber Hauck, Jayme Klingler


Captains, MVP's, and Goalie Saves


Season Captains MVP's and Best Offense & Defense Goalie Save %
1984 Brenda Doebler Brenda Doebler Kathy Klingler
1985 Linda Meiser, Andrea Attkinson Linda Meiser Kathy Klingler
1986 Tanna Charles, Missy Burd Tanna Charles & Sue Cook Stacey Moss
1987 Crissy Schreffler, Deann Blankenship Deann Blankenship Stacey Moss
1988 Tammy Mull Tammy Mull, O-Tracey Corrigan, D-Tammy Mull Kirstin Jensen, 63%
1989 Kara Smith, Heather Bickhart, Amy Troutman Kara Smith, O-Tracey Corrigan, D-Heather Krouse Kirstin Jensen, 77%
1990 Tracey Corrigan, Nikki Bush Dani Stauffer, O-Tracey Corrigan, D-Dani Stauffer Andrea Zechman, 81%
1991 Andrea Zechman, Jen Bowersox Andrea Zechman, O-Tracy Wilcox, D-Jenny Margherio Andrea Zechman, 94%
1992 Kelly Daly, Glenna Deekle, Andrea Stetler Andrea Stetler, O-Andrea Stetler, D-Alexa Houser Bev Hartley, 88%
1993 Alexa Houser, Jen Pastore, Cristin Hummel Alexa Houser, O-Keli Smith, D-Alexa Houser Bev Hartley, 87%
1994 Jamie Bussey, Bev Hartley, Julie Hubner Bev Hartley, O-Keli Smith, D-Heather Tressler Bev Hartley, 93%
1995 Traci Anselmo, Heather Tressler, Holly Miller Traci Anselmo, O-Keli Smith, D-Heather Tressler Mandy Houser, 90%
1996 Keli Smith, Sarah Bowersox, Danessa Hackenburg Keli Smith, O-Keli Smith (school record 41 season goals, 124 career goals), D-Danessa Hackenburg Mandy Houser, 90%
1997 Shelbi Bordner, Barbie Wirtz Shelbi Bordner, O-Caitlin Castellano, D-Talia Brouse, Jodie Dagle, Lori Bingaman Katie Reich, 83%
1998 Shelby Latchford, Caitlin Castellano, Kristy Bickhart Shelby Latchford &Talia Brouse, O-Caitlin Castellano, D-Talia Brouse Kira Fisher, 79%
1999 Carli Bordner, Jodie Dagle, Katie D'Angelo Kira Fisher & Lisa Bingaman, O-Carli Bordner & Lisa Bingaman, D-Katie Bechtel & Katie D'Angelo Kira Fisher, 93%
2000 Katie Alexander, Lindsey Kern, Megan Ryan Megan Ryan, O-Megan Ryan, D-Tonya Maurer Kristin Badman 88% & Andrea Dersham 90%
2001 Beth Hummel, Tonya Maurer, Colleen DeVine Tonya Maurer, O-Katie Williams, D-Laura Rinck Andrea Dersham, 85%
2002 Erin Doak, Laura Rinck, Jess Rogers Jess Rogers & Katie Williams, O-Erin Doak, D-Megan D'Angelo Andrea Dersham, 85%
2003 Jasmine Reggia, Kelli Alexander, Andrea Dersham Andrea Dersham, O-Jasmine Reggia, D-Anne Ritter & Janelle Vasquez Andrea Dersham, 89%
2004 Alaina Moyer, Janelle Vasquez, Allie Ziants Janelle Vasquez, O - Steph Aucker & Alicia Mayer, D- Anne Ritter Allie Ziants, 85%
2005 Ashley Oswald, Jessica Aungst Bri Doak & Alicia Mayer,  O - Alicia Mayer, D - Ashley Oswald Alyssa DiFrancesco, 82% , Kelly Beddall, 78%
2006 Bri Doak, Alicia Mayer, Kylee Yetter, Taryn Nichols, Rachel Hollenbach


Alyssa DiFrancesco, 77%, Kelly Beddall 75%
2007 Morgan Fleetwood, Alyssa Moyer O-Morgan Fleetwood D-Alyssa Moyer,Sara Aucker,Kelly Beddall& Gina Kellett  Kelly Beddall 85%
2008 Danica Deckard, Mallory Pope Ashtin Klingler 
O-Danica Deckard&Hope Burke
D- Gina Kellett


Amber Wendt 87%
2009 Gina Kellett,Hope Burke,Ashtin Klingler MVP=Seniors,Hope,Gina,Ashtin,Amber,Lauren,Katie,&Molly
O-Hope Burke
D-Gina Kellett


Amber Wendt 91%
2010 Candice Smith,Ashley Youngman,Paige Bordner,Mary Herman

MVP=Candice Smith
O-Ashley Youngman
D-Jessica Davis



Gabby Pagana 82%
2011 Jess Davis,Haley Kerstetter MVP-Haley Kerstetter&Jess Davis
O-Nicole Deckard
D-Gabby Pagana
Gabby Pagana 84%

Kelsey Ulrich 92%

2012 Jenna Kapsar
Haley Mainhart
Nisha Orren
MVP-Jenna Kapsar
O-MacKenna Mahan,Geneka Mahan,Emily Klingler
D-Haley Mainhart
2013 Becca Bausinger
Geneka Mahan
Katelyn Hauck
Daily Item Player of the Year-Nora Aucker
MVP-Nora Aucker
O-Emily Klingler
D-Megan Wetzel


2014 Nora Aucker
Emily Klingler
Megan Wetzel
MVP-Megan Wetzel
O-Brooke Zeiders,Emily Klingler,Lexi Horst
D-Courtney McCartney
2015 Tesa Hoffman
Lexi Horst
Lindsay Trusal
MVP-Tesa Hoffman,Lexi Horst
O-Megan Keeney
D-Abby Batchelder
2016 Savannah Bucher
Megan Kahn
Megan Keeney


MVP-Megan Kahn
O-Megan Keeney
D-Camryn Ritter,Elise Keeney
Camryn Ritter 88%
2017 Danielle Alba
Rachael Kelly          


  NONE Camryn Ritter 87%
2018 Megan Hoffman 
Maura Hensel
Megan Keeney
Anna Piecuch
SaraMae Radel
Kalee Rothermel
2019 Katie Bucher
Gabby Kelly
Emily Swineford


Daily Item Player of the Year-Emily Swineford


All-State/American Honors


Keli Smith ; 1st  Team All State and Kwik Goal NFHCA (National Field Hockey Coaches Association) High School All-American


Kristy Bickhart, Talia Brouse, Caitlin Castellano, Shelby Latchford ; 2nd Team All-State: Caitlin Castellano ; PA All-Academic Team


Lisa Bingaman, Kira Fisher ; 1st Team All-State :Carli Bordner, Jodie Dagle ; 2nd Team All-State:  Lindsay Ballantine, Katie Bechtel and Katie D'Angelo ; PA All-Academic Team


 Charity Payne, Mary Andracchio and Beth Hummel ; National Field Hockey Coaches Association Academic Squad


Bri Doak, Janelle Vasquez;1st Team All-State: Steph Aucker; 2nd Team All-State: Alicia Mayer;  Honorable Mention All-State


Bri Doak, Alicia Mayer, Rachel Hollenbach; 1st Team All-State: Ashley Oswald; 2nd Team  All-State: Ashley Oswald, Rachel Eyster;  PA All-Academic team


Bri Doak, Alicia Mayer, Rachel Hollenbach,TarynNichols, Morgan Fleetwood; 1st Team All-State: Kylee Yetter,Alyssa Moyer; 2nd Team  All-State: Caitlin Doak,Kirsten Krebs;  Honorable Mention All-State:   Alicia Mayer, Rachel Hollenbach, Kylee Yetter, Alyssa DiFrancesco ; PA All-Academic team


Morgan Fleetwood,Alyssa Moyer,Kirsten Krebs,Ashtin Klingler; 1st Team All-State: Gina Kellett; 2nd Team All-State: Lyndsey Bettleyon,Hope Burke; Honorable Mention All-State:   Morgan Fleetwood,Kelly Beddall,Alyssa Moyer,Kirsten Krebs,Lyndsey Bettleyon,Sara Aucker ; PA All-Academic team


Gina Kellett,Ashtin Klingler,Hope Burke; 1st Team All-State: Danica Deckard,Candice Smith;2nd Team All-State: Mallory Pope,Ashley Youngman; Honorable Mention All-State


Gina Kellett,Ashtin Klingler,Hope Burke; 1st Team All-State: Amber Wendt,Candice Smith;2nd Team All-State; Ashley Youngman,Paige Bordner,Haley Kerstetter; Honorable Mention All-State


Candice Smith ; 1st Team All-State: Ashley Youngman, Paige Bordner & Haley Kerstetter ;2nd Team All-State; Jessica Davis Honorable Mention All-State              2010 All Academic Team members; Candice Smith, Mary Herman, Danielle Reber, Danika Watto, Karrie Hauck and Claire Steininger


Jess Davis; 1st Team All-State: Haley Kerstetter; 1st Team All-State:Coli Deckard; 2nd Team All-State: Gabby Pagana; 2nd Team All-State: Jenna Kapsar; 2nd Team All-State:   2011 All Academic Team members; Haley Kerstetter,Coli Deckard,Gabby Pagana,Phoebe Servano,and Jess Davis


Jenna Kapsar; 1st Team All-State: Emily Klingler;2nd Team All-State:Mackenna Mahan;Honorable Mention All-State    2012 All Academic Team members; Jenna Kapsar,Jenna Knepp,Nisha Orren,  & All Academic Team Award


Emily Klingler,Nora Aucker;1st Team All-State:Megan Wetzel;2nd Team All-State:Brooke Zeiders,Lexi Horst;Honorable Mention All-State  2013 All Academic Team members; Becca Bausinger,Geneka Mahan,MacKenna Mahan and Katelyn Hauck


Emily Klingler,Nora Aucker;1st Team All-State:Megan Wetzel,Brooke Zeiders ;2nd Team All-State:Lexi Horst,Tesa Hoffman;Honorable Mention All-State     2014 All Academic Team members;Nora Aucker,Alexis Auman,Courtney McCartney,Caitlin Redd,Megan Wetzel and Brooke Zeiders


Lexi Horst;1st Team All-State:Tesa Hoffman,Megan Keeney:Megan Kahn;Honorable Mention All-State     2015 All Academic Team members;Abby Batchelder,Tesa Hoffman,Lexi Horst,Keely Roadarmel,Cameron Shay,Lindsay Trusal


Megan Kahn,Megan Kenney,Savannah Bucher;1st Team All-State: Megan Hoffman,Elise Kenney;Honorable Mention All-State    2016 All Academic Team members;Megan Kahn,Megan Kenney,Savannah Bucher,Jess Smith, Carly Winn   All Academic Team Award-Varsity Team- 92%


Megan Hoffman,Anna Piecuch;1st Team All-State: Saramae Radel,Kalee Rothermel;2nd Team All-State   2017 All Academic Team members;Danielle Alba,Rachael Kelly    All Academic Team Award-Varsity Team


Megan Hoffman,SaraMae Radel;1st Team All-State: Anna Piecuch,Kalee Rothermel, Emily Swineford;2nd Team All-State   2018 All Academic Team members; Rita Aucker,Katie Bucher,MaddieBucher,Anna Gephart,Maura Hensel,Megan Hoffman,Elise Keeney,Gabby Kelly,Olivia Lybarger,Anna Piecuch,SaraMae Radel,Kalee Rothermel,Cassidy Stumph,Emily Swineford,Kelly Wolfe


Emily Swineford;1st Team All-State: Katie Bucher;2nd Team All-State